Concierge-Guest Liaison

Please call 718.939.7500

nurse-and-patientIt’s the little things that help our guests enjoy a higher quality of life, and at Long Island Care Center, we want to ensure that all those “little things” get done. The moment you step into our facility we want you to feel at home. Our Concierge team is here to provide a comfortable transition to the facility and a smooth admissions process. The Concierge team also will act as a guest liaison by responding to customer service requests and resolving problems. We are also here to help enrich the lives of the people we serve and enhance the over-all customer service of the facility.

  • Coordinate admissions process
  • Customer service liaison for the facility and guests
  • Follow up of any concerns of family and guests
  • Explain and assist with insurance concerns and issues
  • Listen and help as needed

Our Concierge is here for the guests to help make their stay here as pleasant as possible and to help ensure their safe and healthy return home. Concierge service is provided seven days a week.

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