Guidelines for Visitors

Please call 718.939.7500

We miss you!

We hope to welcome you soon to limited visitation pending approval of the Department of Health. (Please note, visiting can be suspended on very short notice).

Please call our 24 hour Hotline – (718) 885-8199 for current status of visitations.

When visitation returns, please follow our Visitation Guidelines:

  • Facial covering must be worn covering your nose and mouth at all times while visiting and on Long Island Care Center premises.
  • Please adhere to social distancing rules during your visit. Chairs have been placed at proper distance in the visiting area, please do not move the tables or chairs during your visit.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available, please utilize before and after your visit.
  • Please refrain from any physical contact and please limit your interaction to the resident that you’re scheduled to visit.
  • We ask that no food/beverages be consumed during visitation so that facial coverings are not removed. Please continue to utilize current procedures for bringing in any special food/beverages for your loved one, by checking it in at the screening area.
  • At this time, to coordinate proper disinfection of the visitation area between appointments, all visiting will be limited to the patio area in the backyard (weather permitting) or a designated cordoned off area in our main dining room. Visitation may be adjusted or restricted by the facility as needed. As per DOH regulation there is NO visitation in any resident room at any time.
  • Punctuality is crucial to ensure that the visitation process goes smoothly and to allow for disinfection. Lateness will not extend your appointment time, and all visits must conclude promptly as scheduled. Visiting is limited to a half hour.
  • The limit of two family members at a time must be strictly enforced at this time to allow for appropriate distancing. At least one of the visitors must be over the age of 18.
  • Any communication with staff should continue to take place with current procedures. Enjoy time with your loved one who has been looking so forward to your visit.
  • Department of Health guidelines require visitation be suspended for 28 days if any resident or staff member tests positive with a new onset of COVID-19, in the event of any unplanned visitation suspension, phone calls will be made informing those with scheduled visits and our 24-hour COVID-19 hotline (718)-885-8199 will be updated.

Our residents, staff and your safety have and will always be our number one priority – please enjoy your visit safely

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