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Irwin Pomerantz - Administrator of LICC

Irwin Pomerantz – Administrator of LICC

Family and friends always ask me what to look for in choosing a rehab center for their loved ones, choosing the right center can be very challenging especially while they are still grappling with emotions knowing that their loved one – often more likely than not, just experienced a major health episode.

I always recommend them to stick to the basics – tour the facilities which they are considering and focus on no more than three to five objectives.

Pay attention and look, listen and watch – Is there chaos or organization on the units – especially so at the nurse’s stations.

Talk to other facility residents and inquire about the care, observe meals in the main dining room and take note, are the residents enjoying the meal or reluctantly just eating a meal.

Google ‘nursing home compare’ that will take you to a government website and you can literally input and compare up to 3 facilities side by side comparing their strengths and weaknesses – that’s all fact driven information gathered by Medicare/Medicaid and shared with the consumer.

Ask to be introduced to the Administrator and to the Director of Nursing, how easily accessible are they.

Lastly, pick something that’s important to you, say parking for example, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for parking while on the way to or from work stopping by to visit your loved one, or gamble with a hit or miss valet service.

I can assure you that if you decide to entrust the care of your loved one with us you will witness firsthand the paramount of all of the above and then some – you will never hear a resident being referred to by a ‘room number’ they are your loved one and our guest.

As a modern and yet homelike facility the best technology still never beats the care and compassion which can only be provided by the kindness of one’s human heart.

The trucks that deliver food to the center including meats and poultry are the same trucks we see pulling up to our local supermarkets – we produce in house and steer clear of any processed foods.

Our entire team of caring professionals are available, myself included to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Lastly, it would be extremely difficult for us to achieve practically perfect Department of Health inspections for the last three consecutive years and to be awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by The Joint Commission without having the best most caring and compassionate staff.

I thank you for reading and allowing us the opportunity to assist you with bringing your loved one home quicker and healthier.

Irwin Pomerantz
Administrator of LICC