Social work services are provided to guests and their families to assist in dealing with issues related to placement, adjustment and discharge planning. Our social work staff is readily accessible to families for telephone and in-person consultations. Our multi-cultural staff speaks numerous languages including: Spanish, Creole, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korean, Hebrew, Yiddish, Indonesian, French, Greek, Italian, Polish Hebrew, Ukranium, Romanian and Taiwanese.

At Long Island Care Center, we understand the needs of our guests and their families. We provide support and counseling services and work closely with guests and families at the time of admission and throughout their stay to ensure the best possible adjustment. The Social Worker speaks with each guest and family member to understand the richness of their lives and the issues which will determine their need for short-term or long-term placement.

The social worker will help design a plan with the guest to assist him/her with a safe discharge back to the community. For those guests who remain with us for long term care, the social worker is available to the guest and his/her family to provide ongoing support. Our Social Work Department together with all the other team members, are always ready to help promote the best quality of life possible.


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