Long Island Care Center’s state of the art certified ventilator unit is staffed by the most qualified and specially trained team of nurses, registered respiratory therapists, rehabilitation professionals, and along with the most experienced physicians, including but not limited to cardiopulmonary and pulmonary consultants.

LTV Ventilator

LTV Ventilator

Our goals and plans are an interdisciplinary approach in that each member of the care team continually communicates with one another, while providing our diversely aged guests the finest individualized care they’ve come to expect and deserve. Our qualified team of respiratory therapists and pulmonary nursing staff provide specialty services that include Mechanical Ventilator Support, Non-Invasive Ventilator Support, High Flow Oxygen, Ventilator Management and Weaning, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Oxygen Therapy, and Tracheotomy Care.

High Flow ventilator

High Flow

We are excited to provide top of the line care in a comfortable environment for guests requiring pulmonary management. Our goals are to help guests improve their pulmonary function and, in some cases, maintain their pulmonary function. We aggressively deliberate our guests from our state-of-the-art LTV ventilators and work progressively until we have successful decannulation. Guests with the most difficult weaning cases are placed on high flow oxygen to successfully deliberate them from the ventilator. Long Island Care Center is one of the first rehabilitation centers to expand their respiratory services with our state of the art AIRVO device to deliver High Flow oxygen to guests that present with oxygen desaturation and breathing difficulties. The Respiratory Care Services that we provide has been proven to not only improve our guests pulmonary function but also to reduce readmission back to the hospital. Our Specialized Care Team enables our residents to restore their physical, mental, and psychosocial abilities and capabilities to return back to the community.


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